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CANNect is a holistic approach to managing the assessing and prescribing of medicinal cannabis in a safe and ethical manner.

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We are open in providing up-to-date information on the latest education, science, studies, rules and regulations surrounding medicinal cannabis and its use in Australia.

Through the CANNect website we provide in-depth teaching for practitioners to make them aware of all they should know before looking at offering it as a potential treatment option for their patients.


The CANNect Platform is the portal through which practitioners access the majority of CANNect services. Its holistic patient management system allows practitioners to monitor patients throughout their treatment journey, whilst the prescription services ensure you are fulfilling all permit requirements (such as regarding SAS B etc.) when starting treatments.


CANNect is not simply a platform. Our team of staff actively engage with your patients and liaise with our partnered pharmacies, forming your support network as a practitioner.

Through a consolidation of all regulations, requirements, and services within our CANNect Platform, and our staff on-call to support you and your patients, CANNect helps you navigate and achieve efficient treatment processes for your patients.

Patient Advocate

Our staff represent our front-line support team liaising with patients and practitioners to register patients, collect analytics, offer on-going support, and ensure all regulations and requirements are being fulfilled.

Patient Reports

Be supported with detailed patient reports comprised of individual analytics compared with national statistical progress trends, along with detailed concierge notes on patients.

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We are with you every step of the way

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