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Information on Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis refers to a range of legal, clinical, and quality-assured pharmaceuticals prescribed for therapeutic use as part of a treatment plan for a range of diagnoses.

An Introduction to Prescribing Medicinal Cannabis

Our RACGP CPD Approved Education Course

Download our course handbook here


Our course handbook covers the basics of medicinal cannabis prescribing including:

  • The endocannabinoid system;
  • Regulatory frameworks;
  • Indications and contraindications for medicinal cannabis treatment;
  • Dosing and titration;
  • Metabolism and pharmacokinetics;
  • Interactions with other medications and
  • Monitoring patient outcomes

Cycle of Education

The CANNect Platform creates a cyclical approach to education, where science-based research dictates training for practitioners, and reporting on patients back to practitioners help inform research.


Research across science-based studies dictate expected outcomes and analytics from prescriptions and treatments.


Educating practitioners on what the research says, and the viable treatment opportunities backed by science.


Practitioners management treatments through the CANNect Platform utilise the various reporting mechanisms and generated analytics, increasing the level of data that can be used as a basis for research.

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