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CANNect Group offers GPs and other practitioners the support they need to effectively and efficiently prescribe medicinal cannabis in Australia See How CANNect Works

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CANNect Group, formally Australian Medical Cannabis Service (AMCS), empowers medical practitioners with a safe clinical pathway to new therapies for their patients.

The CANNect platform provides medical professionals clinical tools they need to enable a compliant, streamlined and informed approach to prescribing new medicines.


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Supporting you to support others

We have designed the CANNect platform to easily support practitioners in their education, training, and on-going support with both the identifying of appropriate patients and the prescribing of medicinal cannabis.

Research Updates

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Training (CPD)

CANNect provides a variety of training and workshop opportunities with the latest information, including supporting practitioner CPD training.

Live Analytics Reporting

Get access to live national analytics from across the CANNect platform to support your identifying and prescribing according to desired treatment outcomes.

For Patients

CANNect provides a comprehensive and streamlined process for practitioners to support you as a patient in identifying, assessing, and achieving your treatment goals.

In addition, our Patient Advocate and Clinical Educator teams work with your practitioner and with you to monitor your progress. Find out more about the patient consultation process below:

  • Patient Steps
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Consultation

    Step 1


    At your appointment with your medical practitioner, you can have an open discussion about your condition and symptoms, as well as treatment goals, to see if medicinal cannabis would be a clinically appropriate treatment.

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    Step 2


    If the practitioner decides medicinal cannabis is a clinically appropriate treatment for you, they will complete any necessary permits. Patients will have to answer a questionnaire to assess your current symptoms, physical, and emotional wellbeing. At set intervals, further questionnaires allow your practitioner to monitor your outcomes, helping you get the most out of your treatment.


    Step 3


    Prescriptions through the CANNect platform are send directly to our Member Pharmacies. They will speak with you before dispensing, giving you an opportunity to ask any questions about your treatment. Your medication will then be express posted to your door.

    On Going Support

    Step 4

    On Going Support

    Throughout the course of your treatment your CANNect Patient Advocate will contact you to discuss  how the treatment is working for you. Your Patient Advocate is here to listen to you and can speak with your medical practitioner to ensure you get the most out of your treatment.

  • Patient Assessment

    Patient Assessment

    CANNect Group educates practitioners, presenting science-driven insights to medicinal cannabis. Practitioners are then best positioned to assess the patient’s condition and symptoms to evaluate whether medicinal cannabis would be a clinically appropriate treatment and in what form.

    Permit Application & Approval

    Permit Application

    The CANNect platform simplifies the permit process, supporting practitioner’s regulatory compliance through documentation completion and submission.

    Permit Application & Approval

    Permit Approval

    CANNect Group ensures the safety of patients with every script. Our Member Pharmacies check permit approvals have been received and monitor SafeScript prior to the dispensing of any prescriptions.

    Prescribing & Dispensing


    Prescriptions are submitted by the practitioner through the CANNect platform, transmitting a digital copy to our Member Pharmacy in real time. The physical original is then printed, signed and mailed to our Member Pharmacy.

    Prescribing & Dispensing


    CANNect Group works with Member Pharmacies in each state to get your medication to you sooner. Once prescriptions are received, the pharmacists set to work to prepare your medication just for you.

    Monitoring & Patient Support


    Your medical practitioner will have access to your treatment insights in order to continue fine tuning your treatment to optimise your outcomes.

    Monitoring & Patient Support

    Continuing Education

    We are a science-driven company and an approved educator for the Royal College of General Practitioners. As research continually grows, our Clinical Educators help to deepen your practitioner’s understanding and knowledge.

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